Nearby attractions include Atelier-Musée du Chapeau (0.8km), Casino Le Lion Blanc (7.3km) and Maison des Métiers (5.5km).

The most popular services include free wi-fi, restaurant and free parking.

Yes, free parking is available for guests.

Examples of well-located restaurants: Chateau Blanchard, Carre Buffet and La Source.

Yes, it is 0.5km from the centre of Chazelles-sur-Lyon.

Pets are only allowed in the hotel. They are not allowed in the restaurant.

Practical information

Hotel Restaurant Chateau Blanchard

36, route de St Galmier. 42140 CHAZELLES SUR LYON
Téléphone 04 77 54 28 88
Email lechateaublanchard@gmail.com